Our People: Sophie Correia's Daily Rituals

Our People: Sophie Correia's Daily Rituals

Sophie worked as a lawyer, a consultant and then a senior national manager of over 25 staff. She knows first-hand how difficult it can be to balance work life and holistic well-being, but claims it is her key to success. 

Sophie began teaching in 2009 and has acquired a diverse skillset in yoga, pilates, meditation, mindfulness, sound healing, and is a master reiki practitioner.

Sophie weaves together her skills and leadership experience to develop retreats, brand experiences, workshops, wellness programmes and events that are accessible for people of all abilities and lifestyles to reconnect and reset.

Morning Ritual — Whether it’s a morning walk to see the sunrise, pilates class or yoga flow, moving my body first thing in the morning sets me up for a great day and boosts my mood.

Daily Inspiration — Music has such an impact on me and my mood so I love listening to tunes that motivate me and make me want to dance in the morning, driving in the car or during a workout. When I need to focus or be creative I usually listen to binaural beats as they stimulate the left and right hemisphere of your brain (like sound baths) and I love how they keep me inspired and in flow state.

Evening Ritual — I love to cook so making a nourishing meal and sharing it with people I love is a great way for me to transition into my evening routine and create something with loving intention. I’m usually very stimulated by my busy three year old at night but once he’s asleep my ultimate self care practice is Abhyanga (Ayurvedic self massage). I recently did this with the Embodyme joy body oil and it was so divine! I can’t wait to try it with the other oils in the discovery set.

Favourite Product — I love the Discovery Set because I pick the oil that best suits what I need in that moment. I love the diversity of the scents and honestly can’t pick a favourite so it’s what suits me best! If I don’t have time for a full body massage I’ve been enjoying just using a little bit on my neck and shoulders before I go to sleep and it’s so calming and indulgent, I love it!

Words of Wisdom/Words to Live By — It sounds a little bit corny but I usually tell people to pour love into themselves like they would a child or loved one. Some people find it so easy to care for others but extremely hard to care for themselves. So allow self compassion and carve out some time to treat yourself like you would a child or best friend - love yourself unconditionally!