Create a Movement Sanctuary at Home

Create a Movement Sanctuary at Home
Transform your mornings by creating a personal movement sanctuary at home, a simple and practical ritual that sets the stage for a positive day ahead.

Here's how to create your own revitalising space and start a morning ritual centred around movement. 


Designate a dedicated area for movement in your home—just a small corner will do. Prioritise a safe space where you can stretch and move freely, allowing your body to awaken and energise. 


Personalise your space with items that resonate with joy. Consider incorporating cherished mementos or objects that inspire you to be your best self, infusing the space with purpose.


Gentle, soft lighting can have a positive effect on your mood, creating a welcoming atmosphere that uplifts your spirits and allows you to concentrate on your chosen movement and breath. 


Before you start your movement practice, take a moment to set a positive intention for the day. Visualise your goals and aspirations, cultivating a mindset of purpose and positivity. Enhance your morning routine by enjoying a refreshing glass of lemon water, revitalising your body and preparing for the day ahead.


After your movement session, find stillness in savasana, a relaxation pose. Letting go of tension and allowing your body and mind to unwind for just a few minutes can have a positive impact on your mood, energy levels and mindset for your day ahead. 


Allocate just 30 minutes each morning to your movement sanctuary. Set your intention, hydrate, and immerse yourself in your space to bring more positivity and resilience to your day.

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