Our people: Damian Chaparro's Daily Rituals

Our people: Damian Chaparro's Daily Rituals
Meet Damian, the visionary co-founder of Aro Ha retreat in Glenorchy and stockist of Embodyme.

Damian's background encompasses physical wellbeing programs, spiritual studies and permaculture - all rooted in the belief that individual health is intrinsically linked to the health of the whole. Inspired by the need for a comprehensive wellness experience, he set out to create a retreat that nurtures individuals while championing a more sustainable future - and we're so grateful that he did! Let's explore his daily rituals and cherished self-care practices.

His morning ritual:

There are three things I do each morning when given the space. I let the sun wake me. I get rid of my pillow, lay flat, and twist to wake and align the spine. I avoid screens until I can hydrate with a glass of lemon water, pinch of salt.   

His daily inspiration:

I drop into what I’ll call "The Magic" a few times a day. The portal usually opens via nature, flavour, or the eyes of someone I love. The shift from ‘doing’ to ’savouring’ is usually my first step, and then I try to remember with all my cells.  These are the days. 

His evening ritual

I have a little evening saying that does wonders for my busy mind, “It’s enough. It’s more than enough. I’m enough. I’m more than enough.”  I say it internally (and sometimes out loud to my partner) and then I switch off. It feels so good to remember the simple things.   

His favourite Embodyme Nurturing Body Oil: 

Kindness lands for me.

His words of wisdom: 

Learning to listen is the foundational tool of my self care.  What part of me is dying to be heard? When I slow down enough to listen, all the answers come. 

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