Our women: Amy Fitzjames's Daily Rituals

Our women: Amy Fitzjames's Daily Rituals
In our fast-paced world of modern multitasking, women often find themselves wearing multiple hats. While this juggling act can be challenging, our daily rituals can help to ground us and set us up for success.

Meet Amy, mother and co-founder of Ozenity - an affordable and effective self care and wellbeing app. Amy is passionate about simple and effortless self care techniques including Jin Shin Jyutsu Finger Holding. Let's learn more about it and her cherished daily rituals. 

Morning Ritual: Finger holding

What's the first thing you do in the morning to set a positive tone for the day? 

I naturally wake up between 5:30am and 6am, I will check in with my body to see how I am feeling that day, and then I will do between 20 to 40 minutes of Ozenity classes in bed, doing either Class 20 for clearing energy, or Class 8 for spleen flow. This is my way of setting myself up for a positive day as they clear my head, keep me moving forward in life and improve my focus, energy and productivity for the day. These classes are so effective because they help improve my spleen and liver organs.

Daily Inspiration: Family routine 

Could you share a daily practice or routine that keeps you inspired and motivated?

Ozenity is my daily practice which motivated me as it has changed my life. It's a very effective combination of simple acupressure, coherent breathing and chakra balancing music. Also, our family's morning routine between 7am and 8am keeps me inspired as I am very present at this time and I focus on setting a positive and happy environment for us all to start the day with by having breakfast together, or if I don't feel like eating that early I will sit with them and have a cup of Neolife tea while they eat. 

Evening Ritual: Time for me

How do you unwind and practice self care in the evening after a busy day? Any tips on how you find time for this as a busy mum?

I unwind by practising self-care daily. It will start with washing my face, doing my omnilux LED light, face massaging as I apply my night cream and face oil, followed by mindfulness body massage with my new favourite Embodyme oil. I will then get into bed and do Ozenity Class 26 which is an hour of Finger Holding, coherent breathing and chakra balancing music that allows me to fully reset my body and brain for the day which balances all my emotions and improves all my vital organ functions. As a Mum I find that the Ozenity practice helps me to be so much more efficient with my time so I can set healthy boundaries when it comes to work and family life and by having the power to balance my emotions has become noticeably essential as my children grow and go through different moments in life.  

Favourite Product: Liquid gold

Which is your favourite Embodyme Nurturing Body Oil? 

I love Kindness and Joy as they smell amazing and literally feel like liquid gold as they soak into my skin so beautifully so I don't get that oily finish on my skin like a lot of other body oils I have used in the past. I have found a new love for self massage  as I am not making it a rushed experience any more because Embodyme has inspired me to make this more of a mindfulness experience.

Words of Wisdom: Taking time for yourself

What's a piece of advice or words of wisdom that you might like to share in relation to self care or finding time for yourself? 

Taking the time to practice self care and slowing down before giving your energy to others can create a positive transformation within yourself.

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