Our women: Sarah Tanner's Daily Rituals

Our women: Sarah Tanner's Daily Rituals
In our fast-paced world of modern multitasking, women often find themselves wearing multiple hats. While this juggling act can be challenging, our daily rituals can help to ground us and set us up for success.

Introducing Sarah Tanner, a wellness advocate and influencer. Her unique blend of expertise in sound healing and organic nutrition reflects her belief in a holistic approach to well-being. On her social media channels, Sarah shares nutritious recipes and promotes sound therapy. She hosts events that combine her culinary and sound healing skills, offering a well-rounded wellness experience. Let's explore her daily rituals and cherished self care practices.

Morning Ritual: Daily contemplation  

What's the first thing you do in the morning to set a positive tone for the day?

My daughter rules the morning, so I am not attached to anything in particular other than checking in on the stars and planetary alignments which I share as a mood of the day on my Instagram stories, as well as a thoughtful quote for the day too. This sets the tone for a little contemplation among the doing.

Daily Inspiration: Sound frequency 

Could you share a daily practice or routine that keeps you inspired and motivated?

My sound. It might be 5 minutes on the drum, some humming with the shruti box, or some time with my alchemy singing bowls. When things feel off, it is because of our frequency, our waves. Sound brings me back to carry on.

Evening RitualFinding time for me 

How do you unwind and practice self care in the evening after a busy day? Any tips on how you find time for this as a busy mum? 

The evening, once I get into bed, is really a time I enjoy where I might do a guided meditation, listen to some sound healing, or something similar that drops me into the parasympathetic mode. I also like doing a full body meditation where each body part is clenched then released from the toes to the crown. Tips? Do what you can when you can. The reality is that kids can require our full attention, so if it means that the self care is done during the day while they’re at school, or once they’re in bed, so be it. 

Favourite Product: Scent of Courage

Your favourite Embodyme Oil

I really love Courage, the scent is divine, I would buy it as a perfume if I could! It has such a warmth to it that helps to soothe my sometimes jagged edges. I do love Peace after an evening shower too.

Words of WisdomWriting your own story

What's a piece of advice or words of wisdom that you might like to share in relation to self care or finding time for yourself?

We can do all the things on the outside, but our chitter chatter on the inside can really jeopardise our life experience. If we think of our mind talk as a screen play, which we are writing, that then gets acted out in the world, it helps to invite us to write a better story. One with perhaps a little more courage, peace, kindness and joy x

Find Sarah on Instagram at @sarahtannernz and www.sarahtanner.co.nz 

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