It's time to touch yourself

It's time to touch yourself
Indulging in a spa massage or facial is an experience we all cherish from time to time. But what if we told you that the same sensation of bliss and an oxytocin rush is within your reach through the simple act of self-touch?

The secret lies in self-massage, a practice that not only mirrors the benefits of professional treatments but offers something even more precious - the gift of self-connection. It adds a layer of intimacy and mindfulness as you become your own guide. You receive immediate feedback, understand your body's needs, tender areas and can apply the perfect pressure.

Here's a glimpse of the many benefits self-massage brings, and if you're curious about how to get started, discover our self-massage tutorial video to make it even more enriching. 

Stress Busting: Research shows that both touch from other people and self-touch can lower cortisol levels (often known as the “stress hormone”). Focus on the breath, feelings of warmth and the pleasantness of the pressure on your skin. 

The Love Hormone: Oxytocin is your body's way of saying "I love you". When you engage in self-touch, your body releases oxytocin. It's like a warm hug from within, boosting your emotional well-being.

Hey You: We often forget to connect with ourselves amidst our busy lives. Self-touch is the key to rekindling that connection. It's like a heart-to-heart chat with yourself. This self-connection enhances your self-awareness and self-compassion, paving the way for greater self-love.

Aches and Pains: Self-massage is a great tool to tune in and relieve aches and pains. Studies have shown that it's an effective pain reliever when targeting specific areas of discomfort, just like a professional massage.

Better Sleep: Tired of tossing and turning at night? Try a bit of self-massage before bedtime. It's like a lullaby for your body, promoting relaxation and better sleep.

You Deserve It: Don't forget to be kind to yourself. When you give yourself a soothing touch, you're practising self-compassion. It's the ultimate act of self-love.


Dedicate a few minutes for a self-massage using your favourite Embodyme Nurturing Body Oil. It's a small investment with a massive return—a moment of self-connection that can sprinkle magic into your day.

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