Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary

Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary
Is there anything better than putting on your favourite pyjamas and hopping into a freshly made bed? We think not.

Set yourself up for sleep success by making your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. Here’s how: 

Soothing Scents: Ditch the artificially fragranced candles, oils and diffusers, and substitute in essential oils. Beautifully calming options to diffuse include lavender, frankincense, bergamot, valerian and chamomile, which are proven to calm the central nervous system and lull you into a dream state.

Lighting: Create a calming ambience in your bedroom by turning the lights down low, or using candles, diffusers or lamps to shed a little light without illuminating the room too much. As your bedtime draws nearer, dim the lights even further or turn them off completely - this signals the body and mind that it is time to rest. If you prefer your room pitch black or work night shifts, try using blackout blinds to keep out any excess outside light.

Bed Linen: Natural, breathable fibres like linen, cotton and wool are excellent options when it comes to bed linen and can be layered on or stripped off easily depending on the season and temperature. Earthy tones like sage and ochre are sure to help create a soothing space in which to snooze.

Mattress & Pillows: Selecting the right mattress and pillow to suit your needs is quite the process, so head to a trusted bedding store and prepare to dive into your sleeping habits. Many places will quiz you on your sleeping style, whether you run hot or cold, or if you prefer a hard or soft mattress to find the best bed and pillow combination for you. 

Solely for Sleep: If you’re truly committed to making your bedroom a sleep sanctuary, then treat it that way. Reserve your bedroom for rest only, not somewhere to work remotely, study, or catch up on your favourite TV show. If you’ve been following along with our self care inspiration, you’ll also understand the importance of keeping your phone in a different room to help you banish the bedtime doom scroll.

Fresh Air: You may not like to sleep with a window open in the depths of winter but at the very least we recommend opening your windows during the day to let all of that fresh, crisp air into the room. It could be for 30 minutes or three hours, but the fresh air will do wonders for your sleep by increasing your oxygenation levels (or the amount of oxygen in your blood).


Keep your favourite Embodyme Nourishing Body Oil on your bedside and massage it onto your pulse points when you hop into bed. 

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