Know your people

Know your people
Ever heard of the saying, you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with?

It certainly holds some profound truth: the people you spend the most time with help shape how you are. They determine what dominates your attention, what conversations you engage in, and what values you uphold. 

It makes sense then, to take stock of the people around you and how much influence they hold on how you lead your day-to-day life. Finding time to invest in your people, and cultivating and nurturing those relationships, will reap dividends in your personal life.

Here's some tips on how to deepen your connections with the people in your village:

Remember The Seasons: As we move through our lives, entering into new seasons or chapters, so too can our friendships ebb and flow. We have friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime, so if you’re finding your friendship isn’t flowing with as much ease as it used to, then perhaps it’s time to gracefully let go. Assessing each of your friendships can only be a good thing, better understanding the ones who are supporting your own personal growth journey. These are the friendships to cherish - the ones where you feel seen, heard and valued. 

Keep In Touch: We live in the digital age, so why not use this to our advantage and engage with our friends regularly online. It takes less than a minute to send a message saying: “How was your day?” or “Thinking Of You”. Not only will it help deepen your friendship and connection with that person, but it will give you that lovely warm fuzzy feeling. 

Phone a Friend: Instead of mindlessly scrolling, why not call a friend instead? Or record a voice note to ask about how their day was, and maybe share something that brightened your day too? Think about how uplifted you feel when someone reaches out to let you know how grateful they are for you, or how much you mean to them, and return the favour to a friend you feel needs a kind reminder of how special they are. 

Prioritise Face Value: We get it, you’re busy. But as important as reaching out over text, messenger or calling a friend may be, it’s still important to get in that all important face time with your friends. The best part? In-person catch-ups usually start with a hug! Hugging triggers the release of serotonin (aka the happiness hormone) which can alleviate stress and sadness. 

Set Healthy Boundaries: You don't have to say yes to every invitation, to respond to every message and phone call. Take a little time back for yourself and be mindful about who you spend your time with and give your energy to. If this sounds overwhelming to you and you would like some additional support in how to set boundaries, we like this article by Positive Psychology.


Put pen and paper and write someone you love a handwritten note or a card. In this digital age, the art of handwriting letters has fallen away. Let’s bring it back.

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