Our people: Sarah Clark's Daily Rituals

Our people: Sarah Clark's Daily Rituals
In our fast-paced world of modern multitasking, women often find themselves wearing multiple hats. While this juggling act can be challenging, our daily rituals can help to ground us and set us up for success.

Meet Sarah, mother of 3 and owner of the beautiful Remuera business and Embodyme stockist, Hedgerow. Juggling the demands of a bustling enterprise and the daily throws of life, Sarah is always a source of energy and inspiration. Join us as we delve into her daily rituals.

Morning Ritual: daily movement

What's the first thing you do in the morning to set a positive tone for the day?

Movement is really important to me. The first thing I do every day is move – be that boxing, boot camp or running. It sets all my endorphins off and starts my day in a positive way.

Daily Inspiration: smashing daily goals 

Could you share a daily practice or routine that keeps you inspired and motivated?

It's in my daily exercise. I love the feeling of moving my body and serves as a driving force to being able to smash each day with energy.

Evening Ritual: time for self care

How do you unwind and practice self care in the evening after a busy day? Any tips on how you find time for this as a busy mum? 

Self care is a work in progress for me! As the kids grow and time frees up a little, it can be hard not to fill that time with work. Being a business owner means there's always more to do. I'm actively working on carving out moments for myself beyond work or exercise, so after my evening shower, I'm taking time for myself with Embodyme's Nurturing Body Oils

Favourite Nurturing Body Oil: confidence with Courage

I love them all but Courage has been the product I have been most drawn to - it's helping me to take more risks in all aspects of my life.

Words of Wisdom: practicing self love

What's a piece of advice or words of wisdom that you might like to share in relation to self care or finding time for yourself?

I may not have all the answers, but a lesson I'm learning is to treat myself with the same kindness I extend to my friends and family.